Every mother is trying to be aware of Sonamani’s health and now everyone is busy outside the house for which everyone wants to know how to keep the baby clean and clean in the shortest time and so now more or less many people use diapers for their baby. But many mothers question whether it is better to wear diapers or pampas for their daughter-in-law, so they follow some rules about wearing diapers and if you wear good quality diapers, you will get good results without any said effect.No matter which way the diaper is worn and no matter how good the diaper is, make sure that the diaper is not worn for more than 12 hours and if it is a relatively cheap diaper then it should be changed within 4 to 6 hours and if the baby gets the diaper dirty. Then it has to be changed immediately. The baby’s wet area should be wiped with a dry cloth or cotton ball before putting on the baby’s diaper.When buying diapers for your baby, be sure to buy according to the baby’s weight. Do not rush to change diapers. The baby should always clean from front to back. Never clean from front to back. Not at all, especially in the case of a girl child, otherwise the bacteria can be infected which can cause a urinary tract infection.