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A Fresh mind is inextricably linked with a Good Health


A Fresh mind is inextricably linked with a Good Health. Lack of any one of these impairs overall well-being. In this case, if neglected, various problems may arise later. This requires raising awareness through constructive discussions. To this end, on October 10, World Mental Health Day, the third and final episode of the mental health

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Best Work for Post Covid 19 Situation


We to tell you about The physical and mental complications that remain even after recovery from covid 19. Many people infected with coronavirus are known to suffer from various physical and mental complications even after recovery. In some cases, there are no complications. Again, coronavirus can have a long-term effect on some people, experts said.

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Books for good health


Achieving success in life requires a number of qualities or skills, be it personal life or career. There are many examples of successful people who have mastered various subjects through their own efforts. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg don't know them! They are at the top of the list of

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Garole Sheep Food and shelter


Notable for donkey food. 1. The donkey likes to graze. However, even in confined conditions, it can be reared by providing food from outside (grass / grain). 2. Like goats, they love the leaves of creepers and shrubs. 3. They eat dried and preserved grass and granular food. 4. Even if there is a lack

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Sheep Rearing Method


Raising "Garal" (Indian breed of sheep) is very profitable. It costs less but the profit is much higher. There is a huge potential for raising donkeys in the country. The demand for its meat is huge due to its high taste and nutritional value. Due to good prices, the number of donkeys is increasing day

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Football Player loves Mutton


Most of the player like football , cricket , basketball, rugby player loves mutton . From we collect information.The Below information are collect from "The Tweeters were out in force after watching Barcelona overcome the might of Atletico and El Tigre, while footballers came together to praise the mutton-chopped cyclist On a busy

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