Addition step

Addition step

“Kamasutra (Episode 1): Sex Ways to increase power ”

1. Kamashastra professors said, Dhutura, black pepper and pepper The same amount will powder together. Then with equal amount of honey Will mix ointment together. Apply this ointment on the head of the penis He later clears it Is to be thrown. Now this man In conjunction with that woman The novice will be a woman, a man Except for any other man Would not like Even intercourse Is chronic.

2. Trees left in the storm Tej leaves, burning the head of the corpse Gone are the remains and the peacock’s sword. One will grind the powder together. If this powder is on the feet of men and women, Or men on women’s heads Can give, then that man or Women must be subdued.

3. If a woman is a man Collection of vulture normal carcasses Dried and powdered Takes. Then that powder is sweet Before mixing with lan Will rub your limbs. If you do this for a few days The desired man is, of course, subdued Will be Love is strong in it Is.

4. If any man Sunuh (Cuphortra nellifolia) tree Roots and buds (acacic catechu) Puree by mixing the leaves of the tree Seven in Red Arsenic with Sulfur Dobabe bar and seven times Dry. Then that powder Coating mixed with honey Will give After that he is Surat is engaged in work with women She will be this woman forever She will be a slave to men.

5. In a hornbeam (baby) tree Will make a leak (where The leaves have sprouted from Place). At the end of the boil Amraphal seed oil Some Bachar (Bacher) (Acorus) calamus) Leak through the segment Have to stop Six months Later, those products open up Have to find out. Then at To make an ointment with Will be ঐ Ointment if any man Coating all his limbs Lagaya, then he is like a god Is beautiful to look at and all Can attract women.

6. Abdominal kid (Phascolus) Radiatus) without its husk, Clean, fry And go to the milk to make it perfect Is. Then it’s half Turns into soup To mix it with honey and ghee Is. Kama Sutra-like professors Said, if you eat it Men with many women Powerful in tone Makes.

7. Vidari and Swayangupta have one root With powdered flour Mix with sugar, honey and ghee Lechi is made by mixing. This Makes to be cake To eat It plays Surat with many women together Gains the ability to act.

8. Rice, Chatak (sparrow) Whisk with eggs then dry Have to. Later boiled in milk To turn into payes Will be These pies are made of honey and ghee In tune with the melody Gives enough energy.

9. Sesamum Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice To mix with bird eggs Will be To dry later Will be Then Sringatak, Kesur and Mixed with self-secreting beech Milk mixed with curd or flour And must be boiled in ghee. This You have to make soup. If you use it, semen Gain libido and long life By.

10. Asparagus saaramantosus) and cows The juice of the bark of the tree with molasses Mix, pepper and cinnamon powder Will mix. Milk and Boiled with mutton You have to make chutney. That day with Pusya Nakshatra The reunion of the moon, that day From then on, I started eating it Is to do. It is also very powerful Increasing semen delivery.

11. Shatabhari, Gokshur, equal share And Sriparni must take the fruit. It must be boiled in water. When there will be only a quarter Get out of the fire. It’s pussies On a moonlit day Is to eat. It plays To increase semen and quality in the body Can be seen.

12. Gokshar and barley are equal Mix in the bag. Every day In the morning, the word of the mixed product Play it in one go Increases intelligence, longevity and sexual power. All these systems Ayurveda, Economics and logic Accepted However If you eat all these ingredients, No harm to the body If not, it should be eaten that way. The above elements in the modern era, Places like mountains, forests, etc. It is very difficult to collect from. Just-all things Maharshi Batsyayana all the Vedas and Mentioned in Tantra Did, so we wrote.

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