Semen, also known as semen, is a type of organic fluid that can contain spermatozoa. Semen is produced from the seminal vesicles inside the pelvis. The process by which semen comes out is called ejaculation.Researchers studied glass in a test tube in a laboratory and found that 90 percent of the substances found in semen other than Venus were liquid water. Semen also contains sugar or glucose which is the key to the effectiveness and vigor of sperm. Semen contains more alkaline elements. The prostate gland contains some amount of enzymes and some amount of vitamin C, kink and cholesterol. The body’s semen synthesis process is as common as the other ten physiological processes.It does not require special food ingredients to make it. The fact is that there is no direct relationship between semen and food. If there was such a relationship, doctors would advise men who are unable to reproduce or produce children to eat more food. Our body is constantly producing semen 24 hours a day and it is temporarily stored in the seminal vesicles.After the full capacity is reached, the excess part of it comes out through sexual intercourse or masturbation process and nightmares. One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that semen synthesis is taking place in the body non-stop for the purpose of ejaculation, not for storage or accumulation.So nightmares between normal sexual intercourse or sleep or whatever, ejaculation or ejaculation is not harmful but healthy. Learn about male semen testingIf a boy ejaculates in 10 minutes during sexual intercourse, it is a completely normal ejaculation. This cannot be called rapid ejaculation. Even 7-8 minutes and normal ejaculation is called ejaculation. You will only think about the problem of your rapid ejaculation when you ejaculate in less than 1-5 minutes. Only then can you tell that your ejaculation problem is fast ejaculation.There is no shortage of unhappy men in married life nowadays. At present many men cannot last in intercourse (cannot hold semen). There are many reasons behind premature ejaculation. Today I am giving some tips for those who suffer from mental weakness with sexual intercourse. Hopefully, the tips for your sex life are unique. Learn about quick ejaculation solutions.This may be due to inexperience, shame, inability to control one’s arousal, etc. in the case of all human beings in the first place. No worries. Take time, do not meet in a hurry. Looks like you don’t need to go to the doctor right now. Do not be confused by different ads. Your problem is very normal.