Herbal for liver : Yellow

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Almost every day we use different spices in cooking. Of all the spices, turmeric has the most medicinal properties. The role of turmeric for good health is much more. People got yellow ban 5 years ago from today. Turmeric cultivation is good for green cultivation in almost all climates.Turmeric is best known as an antioxidant. Turmeric is rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C which is why it is used as a dietary supplement in many Asian countries. Turmeric powder is used in cooking. Applying raw turmeric paste on the skin, it acts as a skin medicine. Turmeric is

how to detox liver?

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‘What is life like? The position is on the lever. This power of Will James's is applicable in a different way to Military Life. Because of the stressful career of Central Calvary and unequal eating habits, Lee's performance is going to be in power. In this world of higher ambitions, peace of mind is also essential for me to get what I want most often.There are certain foods and lifestyle habits that are unknowingly causing major damage to our liver. The biggest enemy of the liver is alcohol. Foods rich in oils and trans fats also damage the liver.

Get fresh human liver : Fresh & Healthy liver

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To Get Fresh Human liver Keeping greens fresh includes helping to reduce the risk of liver disease. A recent PAS Journal data survey found. Twenty-five percent of the country's population nowadays has liver disease or fatty liver related community. Which in many cases is from extra and moppan. The liver is an important organ seen in humans. The juice extracted from it helps in digestion of lipid fat. Yoga helps to eliminate contaminants. So you always need healthy food to get Fresh healthy liver. Check Best Solution on amazon A study by the Karolinska Institute found that eating

Ways to recognize a healthy liver

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Fatty liver is a deadly killer. It inactivates the liver, one of the most important organs in the body. About 30 percent of people in the country suffer from fatty liver. There are no symptoms of this disease. If someone has an abdominal ultrasonogram due to some other disease, if there is fatty liver, it is detected. In addition, the accumulation of fat in the liver, the symptoms gradually appear. At first, the fatty liver on the upper right side of the abdomen hurts a little and the abdomen feels a little heavy. As seen in the case of fatty

Addition step

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"Kamasutra (Episode 1): Sex Ways to increase power " 1. Kamashastra professors said, Dhutura, black pepper and pepper The same amount will powder together. Then with equal amount of honey Will mix ointment together. Apply this ointment on the head of the penis He later clears it Is to be thrown. Now this man In conjunction with that woman The novice will be a woman, a man Except for any other man Would not like Even intercourse Is chronic. 2. Trees left in the storm Tej leaves, burning the head of the corpse Gone are the remains and the peacock's


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Batsyayan's 'Kamasutra' - this effort in the hope of being able to read it all online in Bengali this time. After trying for a long time, the original version of the Kama Sutra from Sanskrit to Bengali has finally been completed. At the same time Kamasutra of seven volumes was also given in short form. In short, this is not what is meant, but in simple Bengali, the main points have been tried to be presented. This time I hope the needs of the readers will be met. We hope readers will let us know if there are any typographical