To Get Fresh Human liver Keeping greens fresh includes helping to reduce the risk of liver disease. A recent PAS Journal data survey found. Twenty-five percent of the country’s population nowadays has liver disease or fatty liver related community. Which in many cases is from extra and moppan. The liver is an important organ seen in humans. The juice extracted from it helps in digestion of lipid fat. Yoga helps to eliminate contaminants. So you always need healthy food to get Fresh healthy liver.

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A study by the Karolinska Institute found that eating large amounts of inorganic nitrates did not help the liver to accumulate fat. These are found in various vegetables. Researcher Matthias Karlstrom says that taking nitrates in foods with high fat and sugar helps the liver to absorb less fat.

According to the research published in the study, not only the tendency of fatty liver, but also the risk of type 2 diabetes from high blood pressure, comma, insulin or glucose is less. The study was performed on two types of liver cells in the human body.

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‘We think these diseases are caused by the same cause. Problems with nitric oxide signaling from oxidative stress. As a result, the cardiometabolic system is damaged, ”said Carlston. “We have come up with an alternative method of producing nitric oxide, through which excess nitric oxide in food can enter the body as a necessary bioactive nitrogen,” he said. However, the researchers said that there are some limitations to this study.

One of the most familiar disease is liver Cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis.

A deadly and incurable disease. It destroys the liver tissue in such a way that it becomes completely deformed and ineffective. As a result, the normal functioning of the liver, such as metabolism, storage of nutrients, absorption of drugs and chemicals, preparation of blood clotting materials, etc., is disrupted. There are various problems. Gradually the disease pushes people to the brink of death.Why?
Hepatitis B and C virus infections, in some cases, develop into chronic or long-term cirrhosis. This is the main reason all over the world. However, in all cases, the infection may not turn into cirrhosis. It has been found that 15 to 20 percent of hepatitis B-positive patients develop liver cirrhosis after five to 20 years.However, in the case of the hepatitis C virus, the rate is much higher. Liver cirrhosis can also be caused by long-term drinking habits, complications from fat accumulation in the liver, some genetic problems, and complications of some immune systems.The chances of recovery from liver cirrhosis are slim. Only 25 percent of patients can expect to live more than five years. Cirrhosis can also lead to liver cancer. So it is better to prevent before the disease. Avoid risky behaviors, such as intravenous drug use, unsafe blood transfusions, or risky sex to avoid Hepatitis B and C infections. People who are infected with hepatitis B negative are more likely to be infectedAvoid drinking excess alcohol. If you are infected with hepatitis, take scientific treatment without scrub-like treatment. It is too late to catch the initial symptoms.
Symptoms of abnormal liver enzymes in the blood or changes in the shape of the liver on ultrasonography are detected.Symptoms
Usually the main symptoms are loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea or vomiting, bleeding with vomiting or stool, dehydration etc. Later complications include liver dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, hemoptysis, incompatibility of carbs and salt in the blood.

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