Fresh liver and Healthy Liver

Fresh liver and Healthy Liver

Nowadays many people are heard to say that fat has accumulated in the liver. What can be done for this? What to eat, what not to eat? Many have such questions. There are two types of fatty liver. One is alcoholic liver disease, which affects people who drink alcohol. Alcohol is forbidden for them. The other is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is more common in our country. The disease is caused by various imbalances in the metabolism of sugars and fats. Responsible for overweight, diabetes, excess triglycerides etc.

Of course, sugar is more responsible for fatty liver than fat. Excess sugars are stored in the liver as fats. So they should avoid sugary foods, too much sugar, soft drinks, juices, soft drinks, sweets etc. Instead of eating less rice, take bread, oatmeal and complex sugars.

Omega 3 oily fish, such as hilsa, rupachanda, salmon, tuna are helpful in purifying liver fat. Apart from this, various types of nuts especially walnuts are especially beneficial for fatty liver. Eat vegetables and fresh fruits that are high in fiber. Cauliflower seeds including cauliflower, broccoli, greens, germination are good. Eat a variety of pulses and low fat milk as a source of protein.

Studies have shown that black coffee and green tea reduce fat in the liver. Lately, the association of fatty liver with vitamin D deficiency has been found. So it is better to apply sunlight on the skin.

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