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"Kamasutra (Episode 1): Sex Ways to increase power " 1. Kamashastra professors said, Dhutura, black pepper and pepper The same amount will powder together. Then with equal amount of honey Will mix ointment together. Apply this ointment on the head of the penis He later clears it Is to be thrown. Now this man In

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Batsyayan's 'Kamasutra' - this effort in the hope of being able to read it all online in Bengali this time. After trying for a long time, the original version of the Kama Sutra from Sanskrit to Bengali has finally been completed. At the same time Kamasutra of seven volumes was also given in short form.


Best Benefit of Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is the fidelity of beauty-loving people around the world. Comparison of aloe vera Aloe vera. If you have aloe vera tree in your home then you can do dermatology at home in a natural way. Mixing aloe vera juice with coconut oil on the scalp causes immense damage to the hair. Aloe

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Important Conspiracy Theories about COVID-19


Novel Corona virus has been discovered in the world not too long ago. Different information regarding this new virus has gone or is going viral in different ways through different social media. Some of which are based on science and some of which are irrational. Purchase the following book for more details: More Information

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Ways to retain semen


Semen, also known as semen, is a type of organic fluid that can contain spermatozoa. Semen is produced from the seminal vesicles inside the pelvis. The process by which semen comes out is called ejaculation.Researchers studied glass in a test tube in a laboratory and found that 90 percent of the substances found in semen

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Ten valuable words about Kamasutra


1) The Kama Sutra speaks of 64 sexual postures or 'sexual positions'. There are eight ways to love in this book. Each love has 6 'sexual positions'. 2) In Sanskrit, the word kama means desire, and the word sutra means rule. In addition to sex, songs, reading, poetry and dance have also been mentioned in

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Best 9 tips on sexual health


The sexual pleasure of men and women is not just a matter of enjoying a few minutes. If you enjoy regular sex, you can keep your blood pressure and heart healthy, and if you don't follow certain hygiene rules, you and your partner are at risk of contracting multiple diseases.While girls are usually a little

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