For good health fresh mind you need to be physically fit.And to be physically fit, you must first lose excess body weight.Cycling is one of the best ways to lose extra weight.Wondering how to reduce your weight by bicycle? Let’s find out-

# When cycling, the first thing to keep in mind is time. How long a person rides a bicycle depends on the person. Everyone’s body metabolism rate is different, so the demand is different. So before creating a cycling routine, understand the needs of your body. For example, if you cycle for one hour, you can burn a maximum of 500 calories.# You can lose weight fast enough by planning and cycling. Research shows that cycling on an empty stomach before breakfast will help you lose 20 percent faster weight.

# How far are you going by bicycle? Extend the path a little further. The more you go on the road, the faster you lose fat.# Be careful when riding a bicycle. As if not sitting idle. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

# He cycled regularly with enthusiasm, but inadvertently paddled lazily – then all your efforts will fail. You have to ride a bike loudly. The harder you run, the more calories you burn.