Best 9 tips on sexual health

Best 9 tips on sexual health

The sexual pleasure of men and women is not just a matter of enjoying a few minutes. If you enjoy regular sex, you can keep your blood pressure and heart healthy, and if you don’t follow certain hygiene rules, you and your partner are at risk of contracting multiple diseases.While girls are usually a little more aware of body health and beauty, boys lag behind. So boys should change some habits immediately to enjoy a healthy sex life. So know the 09 sexual hygiene rules for boys that will help you to give the gift of a healthy sex life. It is mentioned below. Read carefully.

01) Keep the penis clean and dry regularly. Do not allow water or sweat to accumulate in this part of the body. Wipe off the sweat immediately with a tissue paper or towel. And it is important to wash with soap or body wash at least twice a day. This part of the body will not cause foul odor.

02) Clean the penis immediately after sexual intercourse. This greatly reduces the chances of sexually transmitted infections. If you do not have water at hand, wipe gently with a tissue.

03) Change your underwear every day. There is a tendency among boys to wear the same underwear day after day. In addition to the risk of infection in the body of your partner, your body can be a variety of skin diseases. Failure to change underwear regularly can cause bad breath.

04) Lumps, blisters, blisters, spots or redness on the penis can be a symptom of an infection or a major disease. Take a good look every day while taking a bath to see if you have any problems with your penis. Never have sex without using a condom when you have an infection. In case of infection, consult a doctor immediately.

05) If you have any infection in or around your penis, forbid your partner to have oral sex. In the same way, if you have an infection in your female partner’s genitals, you should not rub your face yourself. There is a risk of cancer.

06) In reckless sex, the skin of the penis and the skin inside the vagina or vagina can be cut and blood can also come out. In all these cases STDs or sexually transmitted diseases spread from one body to another. Use condoms to avoid this possibility. It is very important to wear a condom, especially for those who have anal sex.

07) Read good brand, good fabric underwear. Wearing very tight underwear can cause itching or other infections in the penis as a result of sweating and rubbing.

08) Keep the genitals fragrant. It will not have the bitter smell of sweat, so you will feel good about yourself and your partner. However, never spray deodorant on the penis. You can apply good colon or herbal perfume.

09) Keep your genital hair free. Use a razor to keep your genital hair free. Never use hair remover cream. The use of hair remover cream causes dark spots on the skin around the genitals.
Caution: Anal intercourse is strictly forbidden in Islam and is a grave sin.


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